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top 5 harry moments


  • WALKING TO THE FOREST TO DIE everything from harry waking up in dumbledore’s office to voldemort killing him is just exquisite — harry’s realisation that dumbledore had been grooming him for death and harry being hyperaware of his own body, “brain and nerve and bounding heart” is all so gorgeous and sad and wonderful, and he’s so brave. HE’S SO BRAVE. I’M SO FUCKING SAD IT’S BEEN 7 YEARS
  • destroying dumbledore’s office i love this scene because after 4 books of harry keeping shit to himself and sitting on his feelings you get lots of minor, small explosions post-cedric dying and then THIS, it’s a NUCLEAR BOMB OF ANGER and it’s so satisfying to read but also the most painful thing in the world, ever
  • politely asking the sphinx to move, please this cracks me up every time. if someone was like show me ONE THING that DEFINES harry james potter AS A HUMAN AND A CHARACTER i would show them this scene. life-threatening wizard competition. dangerous magical creature. “can you move, please?” my son
  • torturing amycus after he spit on mcgonagall this means A Lot to me because harry just straight up crucios that fucker without any hesitation or warm-up and puts so much feeling behind it. anything where harry is morally grey is my favourite because he’s The Saviour and the Master of Death and it’s like yeah, and he just crucio’d a dude so hard he flew across the room and passed out
  • "you don’t have to call me ‘sir’, professor" any scene where harry backchats snape is fantastic but i distinctly remember reading this scene and being like OOOHHHH OOOOOHHHH SICK BUUURRNNNN OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH


We all stood together for Syria
We all stood together for Ukraine
We all stood together for Gaza
We all stood together for Ferguson

It’s time we stand together for Pakistan, and spread what’s happening there like wildfire. Don’t let people forget that the citizens of Pakistan are so much more than what we’re portrayed as in the negative light. Make sure everyone KNOWS what the Pakistani protestors are doing right now and the cause they’re fighting for.

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life is changing and I just want to appreciate what’s about to become just a memory

I am moving from new york city to woodbridge, virginia in 12 days and I cannot describe the heaviness I feel in my heart. I am so happy that I am finally going to be living with the man I love, but moving from the city of lights, the concrete jungle, to a small suburb in virginia seems like a punishment. nothing makes me feel better about myself than knowing that I live in a city that people dream of visiting. at a moment’s notice, I can go to central park and read for hours, or walk around for hours, without even leaving the park. if I want to, I can go to union square and pay $3 for a quality book at The Strand. I have the oppurtunity to meet amazing people, like Jhumpa Lahiri, who I did meet at a book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square, one of the biggest in the country. The time I was walking around Union Square with my friends and found out they had just bumped into Matt Bomer while I was on my phone solidified my belief that NYC is remarkable. I took a memoir class at Hunter College taught by Nancy Milford, author of Zelda: A Biography, and also the recipient of awards such as the Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts. I can take a train to any place in the city, and if I get lost, I can find my way back within ten minutes. Like when I was going to Columbia University to see a stand up comedy act performed by Muslim comedians, which was amazing, and I ended up in Brighton Beach. I was scared as fuck, but later, when I was home safe, I realized how truly awesome that experience was. I’m not even making any sense right now but my point is, I love New York. I’m sad that there’s a high chance that my children won’t be raised in this diverse city, and I’m scared I’ll forget where I came from. So many people pray to live in this city and I’m walking away from it and I don’t know if I’m making the right choice. All I know is that I can never thank Allah (swt) enough for letting me grow up here and for everything I’ve been blessed with while living here.